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Upgrade your sales methods!

Help your sales methods evolve!
Classic sales - Global offer sales - Consultative sales - Self-service sales - Mediated sales
Philippe Lafaix, Daniel Huyot
This book presents five radically different sales families that relate the global offer to the complexity of the market: classic sales or "push" sales, global offer sales, consultative sales, self-service sales,...


Sales gas pedals - 4th edition

Sell more, sell faster, sell for more!
Michaël Aguilar, Philippe Lafaix
Available in book and ebook formats
Thanks to this book, you'll boost your sales considerably! We're not going to tell you to take our word for it. Don't listen to the fine arguments, but check out the fine evidence. Come and see how many books we sell...


Closing the sale - 2nd edition

Get more orders, sign more contracts
Michaël Aguilar
Available in book and ebook format
How to get the customer to say "yes"? How to speed up the buying decision? How to overcome the most difficult objection, the one that brutally closes the conversation with a "I'll think about it..."? How to develop a sales mindset...

Sales Elite - 6th edition

Les techniques et secrets dévoilés des meilleurs vendeurs
Michaël Aguilar
Available in book and ebook format
From prospecting to the sales meeting, the author draws on the experience and practice of experienced salespeople recognized as the best in France in their sector.


Overcoming customer objections - 4th edition

Refutation techniques and answers to the 63 most common objections
Michaël Aguilar
Exists in book and ebook format
You're too expensive! I'm not interested! I'll think about it! I'm loyal to my supplier! I won't make a decision today!... How can you counter your customers' objections?


Defend your sales price!

The 4 winning scenarios
Daniel Huyot, Philippe Lafaix - Collection Livres outils
152 pages, published 09/01/2002 (2nd edition)
Hard copy
In any sales approach, the presentation and defense of the price is a crucial stage. It often determines the success of the sale - and its profitability. But as all those involved in sales know, this crucial stage of the sales process generally resembles a high-flying exercise without a net!
And yet, in the panorama of books on sales and persuasion techniques, price defense has never been the subject of specific treatment.


The Art of Motivation - 2nd edition

Les secrets pour booster son équipe
Michaël Aguilar
Exists in book and ebook formatWhat drives motivation and how can you develop it further?
How can you identify the real levers that motivate your employees?
What are the mistakes to avoid to avoid extinguishing motivation?